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meadow and then there was no time to give this water. then we have time to buy -- revitalize the grass before we have to turn the water off before the car show, otherwise they will damage the ground. by moving this back one week, and that was really the best option, it gives the metal a little bit more time. we have reduced the number of vehicles to 50 fewer cars than last year, which gives us more of an ability to protect the trees and tree roots and other things like this. the promoters have been working with us on a code of conduct that we will be actively promulgating out to the participants about driving, picnicking, to help make
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certain that there is full thoughtfulness on the use of the metal. and they have been wonderful about this. the permits for this are $9,000 for the facility, and last year, this was 6300. this is the final year of the three-year phasing so this will go to 9000. and there is a leap -- remediation fee, dedicated to the metal. this will go into the fund for all the things that we can do to help that metal, specifically. the park patrol may remain the same at 1950. this is because there is some discussion about having the part do more and the police to a
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little bit less. and at their request, the date of the cars were moved to 1980 and older, as opposed to 1972. younger people kind of -- they want to reach out to the younger people and they had vehicles that are not as old. in the event of rainfall or wet weather, the department, in its sole discretion, this may -- will have to close this if the ground has been rained on. if there is bad weather, they have the right to cancel this on that day. this is for three business days after the event, and the remaining proceeds will be donated to charity. there will be no food sales except department-permanent
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vendors, similar to last year. and the department will carefully assessed the impact of this event, with the organizers after this. and we believe that with these changes, we have struck a compromise for this year, and we hope that you will support this. >> thank you. >> we have a couple of cards for public comment. reminder, there is one minute. >> thank you for having us here today. i want to thank parks and recreation, and especially commissioners buel and harrison,
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who invested a lot of time in this. we started out as adversaries, but they were willing to meet with us and discuss things, and things became constructive very quickly. i understand that there is a lot of competing interest from these parks, and this is a very tough job, balancing everything. with the changes that we have made, this will be high quality and this will protect the park and everyone will be a winner. and so, i applaud you and your staff. i would also like to say to the supervisor -- chu and blackstone were helping us to mediate everything. >> i am guy stillson.
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i was wanting to thank parks and recreation, philip ginsberg and kern, ketchum, buell and harrison, to come to a fine account -- a fine compromise that i would like to invite everyone watching this on television and everyone in this room to come to this event. i would like free to come and join us. >> and is there any other public comment? public comment has been closed. >> commissioner harrison? >> i have a question. on the remediations these, on the other organizations charge for these fees? >> that will play a much more
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significant remediation. >> i was talking to my son the other day and he is wanting for me to invest in repairing, pontiac so that we can bring this out there next year. >> commissioner lee? commissioner lee: we can go to the vote. i am happy that the compromise was reached, and i heard a lot of good things about this over the years. i am happy that we have come to a compromise. >> let me add my congratulations to the staff and the applicants. and i think that the emotional situation was coming down and everyone -- i am appreciative of all the different parties.
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commissioner martin? >> commissioner martin: i want to thank all of you for what you are doing for the people and this is fantastic. thank you. >> i will entertain the motion? this has been moved. all of those in favor? this is unanimous. >> this is item number nine. fort smith clubhouse. >> thank you. good afternoon, commissioners. i am here to approve a one-year lease and a one-year extension between the city and self-help
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for the elderly for seniors and adults in the clubhouse that was founded in 1961. self help for the elderly is an organization that provides programs to 25,000 seniors in the following ways. they do provide health and wellness assistance. i will present this proposal in another slide. there was a community outreach meeting in 2010 and the notice was in english and chinese. 50 people attended, and there was a translator that was present at the meeting. the proposal that they presented included the following.
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the program assists and several volunteers like the manager of the -- this with the designated location for the wellness center, and the mission is to improve the health and wellness of chinese seniors in the community. there will be a comprehensive range of wellness programs including fitness class and line dancing, and social dancing. and this will operate a program to help seniors and their families keep good health with lessons on nutrition and diet. this will also be a pilot program. we were wanting to keep the space open and active and safe, and well-maintained. they will pay $800 per month for the clubhouse, monday through friday, 1:32 6:30 and the
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executive director of self-help for the elderly will work with the community groups such as the chinese development center to use the space as well. and we will offer many organizations the ability to program on a regular basis. and this will be available for the weekends and the permits. and all improvements must be approved by the department. we are supported by the chinatown community development center, and the garage and the community red cross -- self help for the elderly, and the department. >> we will have public comment. >> richard fong and annie chung. can you come forward?
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>> a good afternoon. i am the president and ceo of stand up for the elderly. i have a short letter to reveal. i hope that you will approve of this project, and we have about 20 people here, and in the interest of time, instead of asking all of the seniors, i will speak for all of them. i think self help for the elderly is going to be a partnership that will work closely with the team for mr. ginsburg, so that many of the community groups will be able to get use of this space.
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the committee -- we have come together twice and every group is more enthusiastic about providing services. >> please continue. >> thank you. we'll be inviting the city departments to talk about the elections and language services, and more importantly, what ever the community needs in terms of health care and public safety, housing and transportation services, children's services, these are all represented by the advisory committee. we hope that you will take a chance with us. 20 years ago i approached parks and recreation to work on the south sunset center. i am inviting all of you to come, because there are over 90 people at the clubhouse and the elderly are there in the daytime, and children are there
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in the afternoon. you will see a very active and have the senior group. we will make certain that the space is safe and affordable, and a lot of the community will get to use this. i ask you on behalf of the seniors, i ask you to adopt and approve this so that we can work with the staff to move the program there. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> richard? >> this is something i was looking forward to for a long time. i am addressing the issue about cardio fitness, and health issues for the community. this is wonderful and this is like me being proactive. there are a lot of people who are proactive. i was wanting to ask something else. there was the federal funding
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for racial integration, there can be programs where there is the funding available for racial integration. i was wanting to bring someone by the recreational leader of chinatown, the work specifically with seniors. and they have a board of whatever -- the committee and parks and recreation. we have an adequate and out of presentations here. >> i am speaking on behalf of the chinatown community development center, and a little bit of background. i was working -- chinatown was
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listed as a high risk area -- a high-density neighborhood. the low-income neighborhood. 90% of the residents are limited by space. i want for you to be mindful that this hurts chinatown very badly. we're very lucky that we have held using this space. there was the most respectful organizations in the city. we are looking forward to the cooperation and partnership, and the continued benefit to chinatown. the lack of open space -- in the morning hours. i wanted to be able to except an open-space facility -- i am helping that you did not charge
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the community in the morning hours. thank you. >> and is there anyone else would like to speak on this item. public comment has been closed on item number nine. >> i have a comment, and then a question for the staff. this is an excellent use of the facilities, and i think that this should be a dead thing. my question is that i noticed on the outreach, you notify the various organizations but you also ordered united health-care workers -- i wonder why they were invited? >> we spoke with some of the community groups -- we spoke with a bunch of the community groups in the area and asked to should be getting the
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invitation. the also sent us to supervisor chu. >> thank you. >> commissioner lee? >> so you are setting this up. how does this coincide with the one-year option. how does this overlap? >> that will be put out this fall and there will be a decision that will be made, hopefully in the case of the unoccupied clubhouses. there'll be a decision that will be made very early on. we will not have anyone occupying the building. this will stipulate that there cannot be and it occupied in the city -- in the building before the start of the lease date. if this is self help for the elderly -- will extend the lease
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by one more year. >> if you go through this process, i am thinking for the other places. and you choose not to select. what if she chose someone else other than the current occupant? the person who is there now would not be able to exercise the 1-year option? >> it does not state this in the lease. we can -- we may be able to amend this. >> what if you get into this situation, not in this case the other places, where you go through this process, and you find another occupant that he would need to clarify that.
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>> that is when you bring this back. and self-help is a great organization and i am familiar with the senior psyched in the sunset district, and i think that this is a great choice for the partnership, for this location. with this issue, if you bring this back to us, in the future, you can clear this up. >> and other any other questions? hearing none -- we will entertain the motion. >> this is moved and seconded. >> all of those in favor? i would like to, because i know that there are a lot of people here for dolores park, and we want to make certain that everything will be voted on, i will ask to take item number 11
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out of order. this is the performing arts center, joseph alioto, i wonder if we could talk about this. >> we are on item number 11. >> i am here to present discussion and possible action item to approve a lease between the pond, for the operation of the annual ice skating rink during the holidays for five years, with a possible extension of story years. the department issued an rfp for the ice skating rink, and there were a number of inquiries. but there was only response. -- only one response.
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there were negotiations with a 15th of july this year. we presented this plan to the benefit district working group on june 16. this includes the san francisco real-estate department, the public library, the superior courts of san francisco, the civic center garage, and the city hall program. we met again with a stake holders of this group to introduce the selected vendor, to the group, said that they could ask directly the questions that were had about the operations and in addition, an article on april 12 and june 12, this was placed in the examiner about this initiative.
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with respect to the proposal, the priority with this proposal is to provide healthy recreation opportunities for the children and families and activating the civic center plaza. they want to continue to bring people down there to congregate, and to exercise together. with that in mind in knowing that this was not necessarily about raising revenue, they came together as a nonprofit, to manage this. that will have to secure a minimum of $415,000 with bridge financing. and there will be 90 days of lease signing and they will postpone this until 2011-2012. this is contingent on securing the funding.
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they are building and managing this and they will lead a management fee of $10,000 per month. this contract is subject to the general manager's approval. on january 31, they will extend through february. there is a term of three years and five years, and we will receive over the first five years a minimum of $96,000. this is a percentage of the profit, and there is the five- year initial term. the city attorney has requested that they give permission to make clarifying amendments to
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the police. there is support for this initiative in the mayor's office and all of the stakeholders in the civic center and the community benefit working group and the department of management and staff. >> thank you. >> do we have comment? >> we have norman and jan traeger. bob >> hello, commissioners. i am representing united statkas america. we're joined by the executive director for the pond and the general manager. we are excited by the fiscal
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spots appear and we will activate -- fiscal spot. we will use our business skills to bring in a community-based ice getting the ice skating rink, to provide affordable family fun for all of the san francisco community. >> thank you very much. >> and is there any other public comment on this item? public comment is closed. commissioner lee: this is the first time that we have done the ice rink at the civic center. why do we have this five-year lease? what about the three-year lease? why should you lock us into this lease? this is on something that is new? >> the capital investment that
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is required for the range of a half million dollars, in order to have the capital investment, they need at least five years or else that would be losing money. >> and other any other questions? this has been moved. of those in favor. this is unanimous. thank you very much. >> >> and is there a time restriction on 12? we have to do this? can we get to no. 12, quickly? >> this is the memorandum of understanding between the friends of sharon art studio and the recreation and parks department.
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>> i am the cultural manager for the parks and recreation department and the executive director for this museum. i am here to speak on behalf of the memorandum of understanding between the friends of the art studio, and the parks and recreation department. this organization has been around since 1991, and the purpose of this is basically to formalize a relationship that has been enforced for over 19 years. many of the provisions of have been happening, as we go on are basically in this and as far as the department is concerned, the advantage of having this is to basically allow the public to register, for example, this would be in the class system,
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regardless of whether or not the programs are available to the parks department's staff or the friends of sharon our staff. and this would allow universal registration. and this is for the online program. and this allows the parks and recreation department to manage all the revenue so that basically programs and attendance can be tracked, using this system. and one of the things that is very important, is the community outreach that is provided, in support of the parks and recreation department, and the other part of this is the collateral operation of the studio. and in terms of the daily operation -- this place a very large role in the daily operations because this brings
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many new programs to the studio and this is also attending all the staff meetings, and collaborate very closely with the executive director so this is a very close relationship that they have had over many years. the other thing that i think is important to say, is that we believe that the formalizing of the relationship is very consistent with the recreation model that we are setting up, with the community recreation and the advantage of this is that the friends of sharon did this 19 years too early. we have a working example: this is established next year. that is what i have to say about this and i recommend this. they will continue to be an asset to the operatio

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